How to Avoid Getting Sick after Flying

Although research shows that it’s not true, most of the planes use mixture of fresh and recirculated air which makes people believe that air- conditioning in planes can assist in spreading germs.

However there can be a significant risk of submission if the aircraft is parked at the gates, when extra power units usually give ventilation comparatively than the aircrafts own structure. This assists germ in spreading through the cabin very easily. The following tips can help you avoid getting sick after flying.

Be healthy before flying

If you are sick don’t travel. The stress of flying can make worse any sickness you already have. You can other people to be sick if you have anything communicable, like a common cold can become worse and promote severe respiratory system. If you have a broken limb it can swell when flying hence causing circulation issues. Always visit the doctor before flying.


Get good rest and sleep well before travelling. When stressed and exhausted this can adds to the body’s burden.

Eating well

Some weeks before flying improve your diet especially focusing on organic and whole foods. Don’t eat sugar a few days before flying this is because sugar lowers the immune system hence making the body more unsafe to chemicals, viruses and other stressors. Also avoid preservatives and processed food.

Have healthy snacks during travelling.

By avoiding eating junk foods while flying as this will weaken the immune system and makes you more unsafe to viruses and bacteria.Pack whole foodsupplements like vitamin c. If you are vulnerable to motion sickness try to pack ginger capsules, crackers for consuming while on plane.

Chemicals exposure

Avoid chemicals and substances that can make the lungs and sinuses more prone to infection while flying.

Keep distance

By avoiding people who are contagious before you fly and washing hands with soap and water if you are in a company of somebody sneezing or coughing, this will helps you get rid of illness when flying. While flying don’t sit next to a person who is sick to avoid contagious diseases.

Be hydrated.

By being dehydrated this will makes it easier to be prone to sickness. Avoid alcohol since it dehydrate the body. Always be hydrated before the flight.

The best seat

When the plane lands the back door is opened which makes the fumes from the fuel to enter the plane hence affecting the back seat and by trying to sit towards the front of the plane, you will be able to exit quickly.

Wear cosy clothes

Don’t use blankets and pillows provided in the airlines because they are vulnerable to carrying germs during flying. Always wear comfortable shoes and wear socks so that once you take shoes off you will not be exposed to bacteria.

Unfortunately, whatever happens when travelling can be sometimes be uncontrolled but when you take precautions, you can reduce risks of getting sick while flying. Don’t travel when you are sick, always visit the doctor to prevent the disease from getting worse.